21-22 July, 2017

DRUPAL - The best choice for NGOs

Virtually any organization that wants to keep in touch with its existing constituents, reach new audiences and present a compelling call to action needs an up-to-date Web presence. Nonprofit organizations are no exception. With budget and resources stretched thin, nonprofits need website technology that is inexpensive and easy to maintain.

Drupal, an open-source content management system, is a good choice for nonprofits seeking modern functionality with a minimal financial and time commitment.

The various advantages of using drupal are mentioned below. If you are evaluating Drupal with any other CMS then these points will help.

> Drupal is open source

> Scaling up is easy

> Community features are great in Drupal like Forums

> Drupal comes with powerful CMS

> SEO modules

> Multi-lingual websites can be developed easily

> Drupal has a powerful ecommerce system

> Mobile friendly website

> Drupal community is extremely active

> A good philosophical match

> Famous NGO websites build in Drupal

> List of NGO websites developed by our team

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