Drupal Job Fair

Drupal Camps always provide ample opportunities for Drupal Developers to commingle . With the ever increasing demand for Drupal developers , this Drupal CAMP will have a booth for Drupal Jobs Interviews as well..

Drupal 8 Training

The first day of the camp will be an all day Drupal 8 training. Audience are required to bring their laptops for the day. The training will be run from 9am to 5pm and sponsored by Drupak

Some Randoms Video of Previous Camps

Recently Registered Attendees

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Fatimah Zehra
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mohammad arsalan javed
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Danyal Soomro
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Syed Muhammad Asad
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Abdul Wahab Anwar Saleem
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Drupal Training on Jan 9,10 (Paid Training)

January 9 and January 10 will be full fledged Drupal Training days from Drupak. Training will comprise of all the necessary bits and pieces of Drupal which will enable you get going with Drupal.And most importantly being newbies in Drupal, you will be sitting comfortable on our Main conference day on 10 January when speakers from across Pakistan will be gathering for many different sessions in Drupal. Following is the tentative curriculum for the training days.

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