Drupal Training on Jan 9,10 (Paid Training)

January 9 and January 10 will be full fledged Drupal Training days from Drupak. Training will comprise of all the necessary bits and pieces of Drupal which will enable you get going with Drupal.And most importantly being newbies in Drupal, you will be sitting comfortable on our Main conference day on 10 January when speakers from across Pakistan will be gathering for many different sessions in Drupal. Following is the tentative curriculum for the training days. Note Please , that there is some small amount of fee for these first two days to cater with the training expenditure and lunch/tea etc

January 9

  • Introduction to Drupal
  • Installing Drupal
  • Understanding Content in Drupal
  • Creating and Managing Content
  • Creating Different types of content with Custom Content types
  • Categorizing content with Taxonomy
  • Understanding Blocks in Drupal
  • Menu Management
  • User Management and Permissions
  • Creating Blogs in Drupal
  • Creating Forums in Drupal
  • Creating a Poll in Drupal
  • Installing new themes
  • Drupal Modules Overview
  • Downloading and Installing Drupal Modules
  • A go through of must have modules in Drupal.

January 10

  • Drupal's Magical Views Module
  • Understanding Views interface
  • Creating lists of data with views
  • Creating a slideshow with views Slideshow module
  • Styling views and views slideshow
  • Understanding Drupal's Panels Module
  • Creating a custom frontpage with Panels module
  • Drupal's new Panelizer Module
  • Drupal's Display Suite module
  • Understanding Drupal's Context module
  • Understanding Drupal's Rules module
  • Drupal's Webform Module for Surveys
  • Drupal's Quicktabs Module
  • Creating your own Drupal Theme

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Training Registration

Who Should Attend?: 
  1. Individuals wanting to learn Website Development/Drupal.
  2. Business owners or employees responsible for their company's website.
  3. Web designers looking to expand their service offerings by providing Drupal sites for clients.
  4. Freelancers with basic drupal knowledge, requiring increased skills for their work.
  5. People new to drupal who are developers in other scripting


  6. People new to drupal who have some link to digital services.
  7. Web Professionals looking to save time and learn building amazing and powerful websites.
Training Fee: 
5000 Rs / 50$ per person (Including lunch / 2 Times tea) NOTE PLEASE:IBA Students are free to attend.