Why to Attend Drupal Camp Lahore 2019

Drupak(PVT).Ltd in collaboration with Drupal Community of Pakistan is organizing Drupal Camp in Lahore on November 16 and 17 at FAST NUCES LAHORE. Drupal Camp Lahore is a two-day conference on Drupal which has KP Information Technology Board as Partner as well. Developers and speakers from across Pakistan will feature in Drupal Camp Lahore in a bid to popularize this gem of a tool. The keynote Speaker is Junaid Masoodi who hails from Srinagar, Kashmir and works with Acquia, the number 1 Drupal firm in the world. Since Drupal has a huge demand both nationally and internationally, it is hoped that audience after knowing Drupal will adopt it for careers and fill various
open position or continue careers in Drupal as freelancers.

Drupal is an open source platform to build anything from small to Enterprise grade web applications, websites, and other Digital Experiences (mobile apps, digital kiosks etc). Sky is the limit with Drupal because of its wonderful APIs and underlying framework. Some of the World’s leading organizations including USA Government, Australian Government, French Government, London city, NASA, Oxford University, Harvard University, Cambridge University, Pfizer use Drupal for most of their web presence because of its security, power, scalability and Developer friendliness. There is great demand both nationally and internationally of good Drupal developers.

The first day of the event will be all Drupal 8 training conducted by Drupak from 9 AM To 5 PM. The second day will be sessions from different speakers about different aspects of Drupal. The knowledge gained to Drupal terminologies and concepts on the first day of the Camp will help audience understand more advanced sessions from speakers on the second day.

Following are some of the reasons why you may not like to miss this Event.

Knowing about Drupal:

Drupal lets you build any kind of Web Application with tremendous ease and then enable you to provide complex data backbends to Mobile Applications. Drupal can be extended to any level and customized to the most granular aspects. This event will familiarize you with Drupal. Who knows it turns out to be your career setting event.

Learning Drupal:

Drupal training worldwide can be very expensive, even One day cost of Drupal training is 399$ provided by one of the global Drupal firms. At Drupal Camp Lahore, on its first day, you will get that training almost free. On second day you will gain even more knowledge of Drupal with almost no fee.

Drupal is Fun:

The life of a Drupal developer is absolute fun because Drupal itself is full of fun things. Even the most complex of tasks are performed in an easy but powerful way. All such techniques will make your presence in Drupal Camp memorable and fruitful.

Networking with Senior and Junior Developers:

Drupal Camps provide ample opportunities for Drupal developers as well as developers, students and professionals from other fields to network, discuss and share various ideas and skills. Some of those developers could have travelled from hundred miles away to talk to you and guide you.


As in this event different attendees are expected to come, different speakers will share their life experiences, all these factors broaden one’s perspective and exposes him/her to first hand experiences of Participants which can be set as examples for one’s growth. Learning from their exposure and experiences can embark you on the journey of your lives.

Exploring New ideas:

In events like these, there is no deficiency of sharing of Ideas. Many different ideas will be on display courtesy presence of experienced and able Drupal Developers and Company owners. What if this Drupal Camp becomes the source for you to
become a successful Entrepreneur of the Future?

Marketing yourself or your Company:

Drupal Camps provide opportunities for you to be exposed to the Global Drupal Community if you are a talented individual or a Drupal based firm providing various Drupal services. You can participate as Sponsors for the event as well-meaning your identity both as individual and company will have greater prominence when any activity of the Camp is shared via various social media handles.

Drupal Job Fair:

Since Drupal Camp Lahore is being internationally looked into and even nationally there are various open jobs for Drupal Developers, your presence can well give you a job of your liking. If you are from Drupal firms, you can even find Drupal talent during Drupal Camp Lahore.