Components based Drupal page Architecture using Paragraphs.


Paragraphs is the better approach for content creation!

It permits you — Site Builders — to make things cleaner with the goal that you can give more altering capacity to your end-clients.

Rather than placing all their content in one WYSIWYG body field including pictures and recordings, end-clients would now be able to pick on-the-fly between pre-characterized Paragraph Types autonomous from each other. Paragraph Types can be anything you need from a basic book square or picture to an intricate and configurable slideshow.

Paragraph module accompanies another "sections" field type that works as reference Entity. Essentially include another sections field any Content Type you need and pick which Paragraph Types ought to be accessible to end-clients. They would then be able to include the same number of Paragraph things as you enabled them to and reorder them voluntarily.

Sections module doesn't accompany any default Paragraph Types however since they are fundamental Drupal Entities you can have full oversight over what fields they ought to be made out of and what they ought to resemble through the run of the mill Drupal Manage Fields and Manage Display screens.

You can likewise include custom choice fields and do contingent coding in your CSS, JS and preprocess works with the goal that end-clients can have more power over the look and feel of every thing. This is way a lot of cleaner and stable than including inline CSS or classes inside the body field's source.

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