How Drupal 8 works wonder for SEO

"Do you have a perfect Drupal website but confused on how to make it Google-friendly?"

Undoubtedly, SEO is the key to improve the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine. But one really doesn't need any special trick up his sleeve to do so. All that matters is How you're doing it!

Conventionally when people talk about Drupal as a tool, they come to think of the websites, but Drupal 8 can do wonders beyond the traditional web.

Drupal search engine optimization would eventually increase the presence of Drupal websites. Indeed, Drupal is search engine friendly and with a little and proper planning, it can rank your website in less time.

Now the question is How to do it?

That's where this class comes in!

In this session, we'll share the Drupal Modules that will help you get there on the search engines with SEO.

SEO Checklist
URLs and paths
Title tags and Metatags
XML Sitemaps
Setting up Google Analytics correctly
Page-by-page keyword optimization
Social link building with AddToAny
...and so much more!

The goal of this session is to show the experts how they can achieve their desired SEO results with Drupal that too with minimal need for any developer's help.

This session is for?

Anyone involved with a business targeting Global/Local Audience or anyone curious about how Drupal SEO can work wonders for a website.

No coding experience required!

About The Speaker

A dreamer from Faisalabad, Pakistan – Haider Ali is an Experienced Web developer who sees possibility everywhere intending to turn people's ideas and thoughts into reality. He believed that people with great passion can make the impossible happen and have had delivered a vast range of products to the clients.

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