Making Drupal Accessible for us

Accessibility is the practice of making your websites usable by as many
people as possible. You might also think of accessibility as treating
everyone the same, and giving them equal opportunities, no matter what
their ability or circumstances. Caring for accessibility will provide you
greatest amount of users, higher ranking by search engines, demonstrate
ethics and good morals and improve your public image.

In this session we will be covering the following:

1.Defining Accessibility and getting to know its importance.

2.Understanding how people with visual impairment can use computers and
other devices.

3.Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

4.Accessibility features of Drupal

5.Modules to help implement accessibility

6.Getting involved in community of accessibility

Blind Help Project

About The Speaker

Web Manager, Department of Web Development, Blind Help Project

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Waqas Ramzan

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